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Chalhoub Group Image Credit: Chalhoub Group

Dubai: Want some beauty tips?

The Chalhoub Group is ensuring customers can access the beauty and fashion advisors working at the stores even without the need to step into one. It has partnered with GetBEE, a UAE tech startup, for the service.

The shopper engagement can happen through a cloud-based solution. Through two-way video calls, customers can speak to an in-store expert and receive real-time advice on their needs and receive the required support.

“Some of these conversations result in purchases, however the declared intent is to be available to customers,” the retail focused company said in a statement. “If a customer would like to buy a certain item, it is delivered right to their door.”

The platform has also created educational classes as an online launch pad for the brands to educate and share new products directly to their target audience.

“Now more than ever, business continuity is largely dependent on innovation,” said Izabella Naessa, Head of Commercial at GetBEE. “We decided to build upon the basic e-commerce business models and create an empowering buying experience for luxury customers by facilitating human connections through technology.”