Philip Frayne, the US Consul-General, Valerie Brown, Regional Agricultural Counselor at USDA, Kamal Vachani, Group Director and Partner at Al Maya Group, Lucas Blaustein, Regional Agricultural Attache at USDA, and Fayrouz Zghoul, Senior Marketing Specialist, USDA. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Al Maya Group is running a 21-day campaign at select supermarkets on the theme of ‘Discover America with a Fork and the Road’. It is being done in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture’s Regional Office of Agricultural Affairs and the US Foreign Commercial Service Office.

“We are excited to partner with Al Maya to launch the first activity of our 18-month campaign,” said Valerie Brown, the USDA's Regional Agricultural Counselor. “We want to highlight the quality and diversity of American food products at their stores. Keep an eye on our cooking videos to see how you can use these quality ingredients in quick delicious recipes.”

The Al Maya Group has more than 50 supermarkets in the GCC in addition to other businesses.