Opt for a battery that suits the climate of the UAE as electrolytes evaporate quickly during summer Image Credit: Agencies

Before shopping for a replacement battery one should make sure that the size, capacity and rating of a battery adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications and that it comes with a warranty package, suggests Charles Jesudason, Sales Director, Zafco.

Consider the age of the battery as it gives you an idea of how long the battery should be able to perform. A battery is normally considered fresh if it is manufactured less than six months before the date of purchase.

It is also critical to look at the reserve capacity (RC) rating or the standing power of the battery. The RC rating is specified in minutes. It indicates the amount of time power can be supplied from a battery to a vehicle in order to run its lights and other electronics when the car’s alternator or fan belt fail to function. The higher the RC rating, the longer the period a car can run on the battery’s standing power when the alternator stops working. Experts, however, point out that there’s no point in buying a battery with the market’s highest available RC. They advise that the driver should look at the owner’s manual to find out the recommended RC rating for his car.

Choose a battery that is suitable for the climate of the UAE and its driving conditions. High temperatures during the summer months lead to quicker evaporation of electrolytes in the battery. This along with continuous usage of the air conditioner puts an additional strain on it.

"Generally automotive batteries have a lifespan of one to two years, which reduces significantly in hotter climates. That’s why we always recommend drivers to check car batteries every quarter, especially before summer, and replace them when necessary. Buyers should select automotive batteries, which can resist heat and drastic temperature changes," says Asad Badami, Managing Director, A-MAP.