Hanil Das

Please share a brief on your company and product portfolio.

Westford University College, is a well-reputed transnational educational partner of leading international universities, delivering quality education since 2008. Headquartered in the UAE, the institution has a growing presence across the UK, India, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and vocational programs that carry significant value and credibility, around the world through its two diversified entities; Westford University College and Westford Uni Online.

Westford has gained significant recognition for its success in the domain of onsite, online, and blended learning in the education sector for over 14 years. Westford has developed an integrated alliance with over 10 universities and educational bodies from the UK, Europe, and the US. The institution has enrolled over 13,000+ students representing over 130 nationalities.

What are the challenges you foresee for your sector in 2023 and how is your brand planning to overcome them?

As the world continues to digitise and automate, we are currently in a constantly changing and evolving market. With the acceptance of online education on the rise, Westford University College considers itself in a strong position concerning possible opportunities in the niche segment. It is one of the world’s leading blended learning providers, offering over 100 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. While online education may offer more flexibility and convenience, it can be difficult for some students to remain motivated without any guidance and support.

Westford’s strength is that, through its blended delivery format and virtual classrooms, it offers learners 360-degree assistance in the form of online live classes, pre-recorded sessions, reading materials, and self-based evaluations, which enables us to achieve a success rate of 95 per cent in online education.

Which of your organisation’s strategies has proven to be effective in its growth?

At Westford, our strength comes from integration and teamwork. Every team at Westford consists of individuals with specialised expertise and complementary skills who are goal-oriented and focused on achieving clear, outstanding results. Each day several cross-functional teams working towards our mission has enabled us to forge stronger partnerships not just within the institution but also with several external organizations.. Through our new partnerships with other educational institutions, we witnessed a rise in student enrolments across all portfolios and experienced the kind of impact these collaborations have on our students through their outstanding performances.

What do you consider an organisation’s strengths leading it to success?

We believe our students are our brand. With a portfolio of over 13,000+ graduates across 130 countries, Westford is represented by its students in various business sectors and industries. Equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills, we enable our students to excel in their professional domains. The success of our alumni and current students assists Westford in gaining their and prospective students’ trust.

Additionally, our employees are our greatest assets. Their dedication and hard work made Westford what it is today. They are the cogs to the wheels that Westford progresses through. The testament to this is the awards and accolades we have received including the Great Place to Work, Outstanding Organization Award, and The Best Brand of Impact among many others.

Over and above this, the collaborations that Westford has made through the years with credible international universities, higher education institutions and corporate entities has put Westford on the map. These partnerships support our vision of providing a 360-degree learning experience to our students both – academically and out of the classrooms by offering internship and job opportunities.

How important is it to address the skill gap in the corporate world today?

A major factor that drives productivity and growth in the 4th industrial revolution is continuous lifelong learning. With the corporate world evolving, we at Westford understand that employees who are committed to learning and who invest in upgrading themselves will be valued by the employers. In this regard, Westford provides the ideal platform for achieving professional milestones and excelling in the workplace for its students from the age of 16 to 65 across all programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees.

An individual’s lifelong journey starts at Westford with their enrolment and does not end with the completion of their programs. Students are welcome to come back and upskill with our Continual Development Programmes through various courses offered to them through accredited partners such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), in the United Kingdom.

Our learners and alumni are always a part of the learning process through our mentorship program, connecting with the new generation of the workforce through a two-way learning journey or coming back as industry experts sharing their journeys with our students enabling them to emulate their leadership skills and competencies.

As a corporate CEO, what is the mantra you follow while leading your teams through failure and success?

There is no secret mantra for success; only hard work and determination will get you there. Every accomplishment and failure provides an equal opportunity to learn. Failure is unavoidable; accept it, learn from it, and try again. If you have tasted success, resist complacency, and always challenge yourself to maintain your hard-earned accomplishment.