Sanjeevv Bhatia

Innovation excellence has been a hallmark of the SB Group and its companies for many years. From the very beginning, the group has been committed to innovation to leverage new technology and improve the environment. Its goal has been to drive performance to new levels with technology ever since.

The Group Profile summarises how SBG International companies have transformed society and industry and are helping the world move toward a more productive, sustainable future.

New venture

Emirates ODS is a smart solutions provider that provides innovative and effective solutions to complex problems using technology and proven methodologies. Emirates ODS brings a team that is known for its ability to analyse data, identify patterns, and create solutions that optimise systems, processes, and procedures. It adapts to new technologies and anticipates and responds to market trends and customer needs changes.

The brand’s knowledge and solutions are known for the expertise, reliability, and dedication they contribute to provide high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of government entities aligned with the UAE's 2040 vision, which aims to make Dubai the world's best city for living.