Mehdi Cherif

Please share a brief on your company and product portfolio.

PulseWorld is a social network that uses the metaverse to provide users with virtual communities, games, music, videos, and other social activities. It connects users, creators and brands using blockchain technology, decentralised identity, and smart contracts, creating a shared economic model. Additionally, PulseWorld will provide a range of services and solutions for content creators, users and brands, such as content creation and distribution tools, as well as marketing and advertising solutions to help brands engage with their prospective audiences.

What are the challenges you foresee for your sector in 2023 and how is your brand planning to overcome them?

I anticipate several challenges for the metaverse-based social network industry this year including limited scalability, hardware cost, integration difficulties, data ownership concerns and the need to build trust. To address these issues, PulseWorld is investing in research and development, partnering with other brands to build a more integrated ecosystem, and exploring new methods of creating immersive experiences. In addition, data privacy is a top priority, and PulseWorld continually reviews its policies to ensure user control over its data.

How important is innovation and R&D for your company, how big a part do they play in the company’s overall growth strategy?

Innovation and R&D are crucial to PulseWorld’s success. The company invests heavily in onboarding, developing and exploring innovative ways to create immersive user experiences. These will help PulseWorld stay ahead of competitors and offer a unique experience that drives user adoption and engagement. The company recognises that innovation and R&D also involve improving existing products, optimising performance, and enhancing the user experience. PulseWorld has dedicated teams working on these areas to ensure its platform is scalable, reliable and secure.

With Dubai hosting COP28 this year, how is your company hoping to contribute to the nation’s climate sustainability and carbon footprint goals

PulseWorld is committed to contributing to the UAE’s sustainability and carbon footprint goals, in line with Dubai hosting COP28 this year. The company has implemented sustainable practices in its offices, such as recycling and reducing energy consumption. It is also exploring ways to use renewable energy sources in its operations and seeking partnerships with companies that share its commitment to sustainability. PulseWorld aims to promote sustainability and environmental education through its platform by integrating these concepts into its virtual experiences.

Satisfied staff, in essence means satisfied customers. Would you believe in this phrase and if yes, how do you plan to carry this narrative forward through your teams?

Employee satisfaction is a top priority, and the company believes that investing in employee well-being and professional development is critical to success. Flexible working hours, a comprehensive benefits package, and open communication are some initiatives in place to promote employee satisfaction. In addition, PulseWorld recognises that employees are brand ambassadors and encourages them to provide feedback and suggestions for improving products and services to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

What are your company’s expansion plans over the next 5-year term?

PulseWorld is determined to grow its user base in emerging markets like Africa, SouthEast Asia and South America. Although these markets present unique challenges, such as the lack of adoption of payment gateways, PulseWorld plans to overcome these challenges by exploring alternative payment options, such as mobile money and carrier billing, and optimizing our platform for low-end devices and slower internet speeds. The company will also focus on building strategic partnerships with local content creators and brands and invest in R&D to remain at the forefront of innovation.

As a corporate CEO, what is the mantra you follow while leading your teams through failure and success?

As a leader, my approach involves communication, transparency, and accountability. I prioritise maintaining open communication channels with my team, keeping them informed, addressing challenges and seeking feedback. I believe in transparency about our goals and strategies, fostering trust and buy-in. Holding ourselves accountable for our actions and outcomes is essential. I encourage mistakes; if we take ownership of them, we learn from them and use those lessons to inform our future efforts. Finally, celebrating our successes, no matter how small, helps to build momentum and motivation within the team.