Rajeev Gupta

Lime Source Consultancy is a global award-winning HR and recruitment organisation that specialises in sourcing talent from 15 countries, across four continents. It has been serving top corporates and semi-government companies under the dynamic leadership of its visionary leader, Founder and CEO, Rajeev Gupta.

Based out of Dubai since 1993 and touching the lives of millions globally, Rajeev is a well-known corporate leader in the international arena. His company, Lime Source Consultancy won recognition as the Best Global Talent Search Consultancy of the year. As company CEO, he has been honoured as HR CEO of the Year by Global Excellence Awards UK 2018, is a celebrated author of the international best seller, 50 Secrets of Success, and a proud recipient of the UAE Golden Visa under specialised talent category by the UAE Government.

Such has been the impact of Lime Source Consultancy that the company was recognised by King Oyo (UNAIDS Ambassador and the youngest reigning monarch acknowledged by Guinness World Records), as well as Queen Mother Best Kemigisa (Kingdom of Torro in Uganda) for providing employment to thousands across Africa.

Significant turning points in life

Among the significant turning points leading to building a global business empire, Rajeev considers landing in Dubai in the year 1993, a melting pot for 250 nationalities, as the first, and meeting his life partner Neetu Gupta, in the year 1997 as the second and most important turning point that filled Rajeev’s life with happiness and success.

Dynamic duo

As the Founder and CEO of Lime Source Consultancy, Rajeev applauds the role of his wife and Director, Neetu.. “She has not only changed my life for good, but also infused a new level of energy to our Lime Source winning family. She is blessed with huge talent and immense creativity. With her stepping into my life, I learned the art of touching people’s lives and the power of building long-term business relationships,” he adds.

Rajeev attributes his extraordinary success to his mother - a living legend who taught him how to convert adversities into opportunities with passion, combined with hard work - as well as his father who helped build Rajeev’s business foundations on honesty and humanity.

Sector challenges for 2023

It is evident that the world is facing an uphill task when developing countries are seeing minimum wages go higher, making it less attractive for the workforce to leave their home country for better jobs. “The difference maximises each year, leading to a global shortfall in the workforce post-Covid, even as artificial intelligence in developed countries makes the shift towards more automated jobs in the absence of an available work force to meet job demands. In this scenario, it is the time to be proactive and find solutions,” says Rajeev.

Lime Source Consultancy has been a far-sighted team that believes in creating and expanding market size. Rajeev says, “We constantly strive and thrive by reaching out to new territories that present a young and energetic population, but do not have enough job opportunities matching demographics. We aim to source workers with the potential to be trained, henceforth adding mix nationality influx and making Lime Source Consultancy a niche organisation and single point of contact, that helps firms hire a multitalented workforce from across the globe.

Satisfied staff equals satisfied customers

“People are definitely the greatest asset,“ says Rajeev, adding, “Team members at Lime Source Consultancy sincerely believe in a deep sense of belonging.

“We plan to extend ownership in the real sense within the team to be an integral part of the company’s growth, shaping up towards happy, satisfied and cash-rich motivated management. Their success stories shall set examples for young aspiring leaders of the organisation in coming years. Our Directors, Lakshay and Ansh Gupta, followed by General Managers, Ryan Alphonso, Subash Chandra and HOD, Harshith Shetty, are part of a future-winning team who will enjoy salaries and perks along with percentage in growth of the Lime Source Family as stakeholders.”

Rajeev adds by saying, “We wish to ensure not only the Primary Team but their dependants to also benefit from the growth of Lime Source in the decades to follow. This shall remain as a legacy for those business heads who invest their prime years towards organisational growth.

Expansion plans

In the CEO’s words, “When we offer jobs, we also offer people a chance to give their families a better future and in doing so help in adding prosperity, enhance education standards and contribute to the betterment of society.”

Lime Source Consultancy is aiming for aggressive expansion across the KSA, UK and North America, focusing on sourcing talent and nurturing skills to create a smart and motivated workforce .

Motivating teams

Amidst the chaos brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Rajeev found the perfect time and opportunity to jot down the insights and lessons he learned while building his empire, eventually publishing his book, 50 Secrets of Success, in 2020, and that has now become an international bestseller. It is currently available on Amazon worldwide, the Gulf News Store, Become and all leading platforms.

In his book, Rajeev poignantly answers some of life’s biggest questions, such as why only a few make it to the top, or why even the best education from the world’s top colleges and universities cannot guarantee success.

“I had this deep inner calling to reveal those secrets, which made only 1 per cent of leaders possess 96 per cent of the world’s wealth, having personally experienced the entire process of creating a global brand from scratch,” adds Rajeev.

CEO mantra

“Dream big, learn the magic of empathy, and follow your passion,” says Rajeev. He also believes that never giving up is essential to success, as “winning is not about never failing, but about rising and learning from your mistakes to eventually achieve your goals.”