How do you help prospective entrepreneurs set up their business here in the UAE, what is your brand’s USP?

I’ve established and developed my brand as a personalised service provision where every customer is treated not as VIP, but as a VVIP. My work ethic is based on the principle of quality being more important than quantity. And as an individual who is incredibly target-oriented and result-driven, my priority is efficiency and productivity, ensuring every registration process is smooth, well planned and structured. It is important for me to make my clients feel special and taken care of in the best possible way over the entirety of their journey with me. Exceeding their expectations is a special bonus for me and I genuinely care for their needs.

An expat new to the country would be at odds settling in. What are the services your brand provides to ease the process for new residents here in the UAE?

We offer a broad range of personalised services that help even a newbie to settle in quickly, and without stress. We provide full assistance to our clients, from the moment they arrive till they feel fully settled. This includes the provision of airports transfers, accommodation, transportation, tours around Dubai and neighbouring Emirates, as well as assistance in the choosing of property for lease or purchase.

We will guide our clients during the entirety of the business set-up process which entails company registration, receiving of the Emirates ID, the opening of bank accounts, receiving medical insurance, driving licenses, and helping out with schools for children. We also assist Russian speaking moms and their children to improve their English language communication skills so that they may adapt quickly within the local community.

The UAE has always supported women empowerment across sectors. As a woman entrepreneur, what are the personal challenges you faced setting up business?

I always say that specifically in the UAE, the amount of respect that goes to women in general is truly fascinating. As a womenpreneur I am always well received by every government official, at any government authority in the UAE and it is indeed a real pleasure to conduct business in this country. There is no need to even mention how safe and comfortable I have felt over the past 15 years of living here.

As part of my personalised services, I introduce foreigners who relocate here for living or business to the local culture by explaining to them that as long as you are well mannered, culturally sensitive and properly dressed in respect to the local culture, you will always be well received, helped and respected in this region.

The company formation consultancy business is a very competitive one here in the UAE. How do you see your brand growing in the coming months and years, what is your growth strategy for the brand?

I believe that every business will find its loyal clients if it is conducted in a professional manner with a high level of efficiency. The process should be enjoyable, stress-free and the results should be achieved in a very efficient way as Time is the most precious asset of all. In our fast-paced world, clients should be receiving their value for money and feel happy and satisfied with the results. Personalised service is the key, and majority of my clients are being referred by people who are familiar with my standards of performance.

Reputation and competence are important factors in any field of business. At the moment, I am at a stage of rapid expansion due to the increased number of customers in connection to Expo 2020, as well as the exciting expansion of our local crypto community.