Please share a brief history of your brand and its product portfolio.

An esteemed Made in UAE brand, Sterling Perfumes has established itself as a trailblazer in the fragrances, beauty and cosmetics industry for 25 years. With one of the top award-winning brands – Armaf, a line of Luxury French Fragrances, Cosmo Cosmetics, a plethora of beauty, cosmetic, and wellness ranges, and Hamidi, an exquisite range of Orientals, Sterling has created an enviable reputation. Other brands in the portfolio include Oros, Estiara, Estiara Passion, Cornells, Revel, Bioluxe, Just Jack, Jenny Glow, Flavia, Salt & Soak, and Natural Escapes. Sterling has made its mark in over 120 countries, earning a solid reputation as a leading global brand.

In a competitive market such as the UAE how has Sterling Perfumes managed to provide meaningful change to the customer experience through its products?

All businesses and markets are competitive. In the UAE’s highly competitive landscape, it is how you think out of the box and position yourself in the market that makes you successful. Sterling’s differentiating factors lie in its commitment to uncompromised quality, premium fragrances at economical prices, and luxurious packaging. The meaningful change for the customer is that we design fragrances that are right for every moment and occasion. Our key success point is that we craft a fragrance that touches your soul. I have a strong team in marketing and sales and the entire management that makes every obstacle an opportunity. We have embraced the digital era and transitioned from traditional methods to a comprehensive online approach through dedicated e-commerce portals for each brand.

Heading your brand, what are the main challenges you foresee for the perfume sector in the UAE?

To be honest we don’t see any challenges. We believe in hard work, we believe in honesty and make sure that we give a quality product, and the rest we leave to Allah as success and failure is in his hands. But, to be successful it is important to have market knowledge and develop the right products as well as launch at the right time with the right pricing and right placement.

Are there any product launches you have planned for this year and the next?

Yes of course! We have some major launches lined up. I cannot disclose much as we want it to be a surprise for everyone. In our pursuit of constant innovation, we unveil our latest products during prominent global events such as Beauty World Middle East and Cosmoprof Bologna, held annually. For example, the resounding success of Armaf’s Club De Nuit Intense and Sillage prompted us to expand the line with three new fragrances: Untold, Iconic & Imperial and we announced it during the BeautyWorld Middle East 2022. As we celebrate Sterling’s 25th anniversary in 2023, we proudly inaugurated, The World’s Largest Perfume Wall, symbolising the organisation’s illustrious journey.

What are the leadership qualities that help you steer your brand towards consistent growth?

Leadership is defined by how a team is managed. A good leader is one that leads his team efficiently and creates a happy work atmosphere. Sterling has good leaders. The system is managed and the freedom of working with their ideas and their thoughts is encouraged. We take calculated risks and have an open mind to accept their innovative ideas. We strongly believe that no business is without risk and a leader should have the guts to take it. Sterling is heavily inclined towards charitable missions too. Sterling is not a manufacturing Industry but a family where everyone comes to live a life and not work.