TRC Pamco Middle East
Manan Chadha, Managing Director, TRC Pamco Middle East Image Credit: Supplied

In a move signalling a significant expansion of its global network, the UAE-based firm TRC Pamco Middle East Auditing & Accounting (TRC Pamco) is proud to announce its recent membership in BKR International, an exclusive top ten association of independent accounting and advisory firms. This partnership heralds a new chapter for TRC Pamco's who boast a rich legacy of expertise in audit, accounting, and taxation advisory services across the Middle East region

TRC Pamco's reputation as a leading firm in the UAE's financial landscape precedes it. With years of experience and a client base that spans diverse industries, TRC Pamco brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction align seamlessly with BKR International's values, making them an ideal addition to the network.

The decision to join forces with TRC Pamco underscores BKR International's dedication to providing its members and clients with unparalleled access to top-tier accounting services worldwide. By welcoming TRC Pamco into the fold, BKR International not only strengthens its presence in the Middle East but also enhances its ability to serve clients operating in this dynamic and rapidly evolving region.

For TRC Pamco, joining BKR International represents a strategic move that will enable them to further expand their global reach and resources. By becoming part of a global association of independent accounting firms, TRC Pamco gains access to a wealth of expertise, best practices, and collaborative opportunities that will benefit both their team and their clients.

"We are excited to embark on this new journey with BKR International," says Manan Chadha, Managing Director at TRC Pamco. "Joining forces with such a prestigious association opens up a world of possibilities for us and allows us to better serve our clients' evolving needs. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and look forward to leveraging the synergies between our organizations."

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of strategic partnerships and collaboration cannot be overstated. By joining BKR International, TRC Pamco demonstrates their commitment to driving innovation, fostering growth, and delivering exceptional value to clients in an increasingly interconnected world.

With TRC Pamco now part of the BKR International family, clients can expect to benefit from a broader range of services, deeper expertise, wider global reach and seamless access to resources across borders. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving success in the accounting profession, where member firms combine their strengths and knowledge, to better serve clients and drive mutual growth and success. As they embark on this exciting journey together, the future looks brighter than ever for both BKR International and TRC Pamco.