Aparna Bajpai

How has BeingShe supported women entrepreneurs and leaders on their growth journey?

BeingShe acknowledges that women in various industries face unique challenges, requiring tailored support to thrive. Through the BeingShe Empowered programme, we have assisted foreign brands in connecting with UAE customers. We have also facilitated media connections, speaking opportunities, and brand awareness activities for business owners aiming to establish themselves in the industry and gain mass exposure in the UAE market.

Recently, we held the annual BeingShe Excellence Business and Professional Awards ceremony, where over 40 women were recognised for their outstanding contributions across different sectors. Such recognition helps elevate women’s credibility and secure career advancement opportunities.

Since our inception, we have empowered women through confidence building and self-awareness with the BeingShe Universe initiative. This annual fashion and talent show brings women from diverse nationalities together for a five-day training and coaching workshop focused on fashion and wellness.

Our participants have achieved remarkable success stories, becoming business owners, authors, actresses, radio presenters, and more. It is truly inspiring to witness the accomplishments of confident women.

As a platform, we strive to bring industry experts and thought leaders for interactive panel discussions on relevant issues impacting women’s daily lives. In the first quarter of this year, we met with Gulf Women in Business as well as Gulf Women Bloggers and Influencers.

In your opinion, what is the next frontier for women’s empowerment in the UAE corporate arena after a successful decade?

Encouraging women’s entrepreneurship and providing them with access to capital and funding can, I believe significantly drive empowerment. Supporting the women in starting and scaling their businesses through business investor connections can also help unleash their potential and contribute to economic growth and innovation.

What initiatives has BeingShe spearheaded recently to champion women’s empowerment, and how successful have they been in driving change?

On International Women’s Day 2023, we launched the 1000 Women initiative, aiming to equip women with entrepreneurship skills, access to business investors, and government support.

BeingShe Cares, our newly launched digital platform, aims to provide assistance to those in need. It serves as an open portal where our members and the general public can refer cases requiring financial help for medical bills, education, and other essential needs.

Furthermore, we will soon open our doors to young leaders, offering them a platform to interact with industry experts for career guidance and access to internship programmes.

How do you envision BeingShe evolving as an organisation in the next few years as an ecosystem for self-discovery and development?

Our future plans involve expanding the platform to other GCC countries, ensuring women have access to the appropriate networks and resources for their personal and professional development.