Khaled Mohammed Al Tameemi
The United Arab Emirates appointed financial services veteran Khaled Mohammed Al Tameemi as the central bank governor. Image Credit: Central Bank of UAE

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates appointed financial services veteran Khaled Mohammed Al Tameemi as the central bank governor as it plots a way out of the pandemic-driven economic downturn.

Al Tameemi, who has worked in banking and financial services for more than three decades, previously held the central bank's vice chairman post. He was previously a board member at the General Pension and Social Security Authority, and an executive director of the real assets department at Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

He will take over from Abdulhamid Saeed Alahmadi, who became governor last April at the height of the coronavirus outbreak and is retiring, according to state-run WAM news agency.

The UAE pledged billions of dollars last year to combat the impact of the virus - mostly monetary programs aimed at reducing or waiving payments. Its economy is set to grow 3.1% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund's latest estimates, a partial recovery from last year's 6% contraction.

The role of a central bank governor in Arab Gulf countries differs from elsewhere, as the regulator pegs its currency to the dollar and policy tends to move in lockstep with the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Al Tameemi is a veteran in the world of banking
Khaled Mohammed Balama Al Tameemi has been appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of UAE. Prior to his new role was the vice Governor of CBUAE from February 1, 2021.
Al Tameemi has over 30 years of experience in various prestigious entities and authorities; including being a board member in the Central Bank, General Pension and Social Security Authority, as well as the Emirates Integrate Telecommunications Company (du). Additionally, he had previously held the position of Executive Director of the Real Assets Department at Abu Dhabi Investment Council.
His appointment at this critical juncture will help CBUAE to accelerate the transformation of the UAE financial landscape. In his capacity as the new Governor, Al Tameemi will oversee the execution of the CBUAE vision of promoting monetary and financial stability towards sustainable economic growth through effective supervision.
This milestone comes as part of the UAE’s policy to prepare Emirati cadres to take over key roles, ensuring proper business continuity and reaching desired goals.