RAKBANK Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

RAKBANK has joined forces with navigation app Waze in the UAE, mapping over 300+ Locations/ Restaurants that provide exclusive dinning deals and offers on the waze app with colorful bright smiley pins.

RAKBANK launched the RAKfoodie platform offering dinning offers at various locations. Here in the UAE, convenience is king, so they wanted to ensure that by collaborating with Waze they will give people easy accessibility to all the offers right in their vicinity and in their backyard at the convenience of their fingertips.

RAKBANK are the first bank in the Middle East to explore Waze and the first brand in the region to explore waze on such a large scale in terms of locations plotted.

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What did RAKBANK do?

So what they did, was they mapped out 300+ restaurants using latitude and longitude of each restaurant on the Waze app, thus listing restaurants around the UAE. Each restaurant had the RAKfoodie smile and each smiley was clickable reflecting a unique restaurant offer. The aim was to literally paint the town yellow.

Zero speed takeover

Zero speed takeovers allows the app to serve a generic RAKfoodie banner as soon as a person reaches within a 3KM radius at zero speed, thus informing users within a given location that there are x number of restaurants and offers around them.

Just search: RAKfoodie offer and the ad will be on top of the search results when users are looking for a specific keyword.