Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Financial Group Image Credit: Supplied

In the era of Covid, it pays to have foresight. With the remittances industry reinforcing its position as a crucial link to the global economy, LuLu Money, the mobile offering of LuLu International Exchange - an established remittance & payments player in the UAE, is reaping the benefits of being prepared well in advance.

“We have been investing heavily in building our IT infrastructure over the last several years, knowing fully well that digital is the way forward. The health crisis has nudged many of our customers to pivot to our mobile app and take advantage of our services from the safety of their homes. Innovation is key to building positive customer experiences, and as a team, we are continuously identifying ways to make LuLu Money more user-friendly and secure,” said Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Financial Group.

Image Credit: Supplied

Featuring a simple and clean user interface, the app is powered by a proprietary software and robust remittance engine, allowing users to perform secure and instant money transfers anywhere, anytime.

Benefits for expats in UAE

Ahamed believes that as a customer-centric company, LuLu Money strives to constantly add services that can enable a seamless customer experience. As part of its ongoing digital enhancement drive, the app recently rolled out a slew of features, which include:

  • Activation of salary cards as a payment option to transfer money, which is a boon for thousands of blue-collar employees working in the country.
  • Simplifying the process to add new beneficiaries.
  • Onboarding new payment partners and aggregators to its network.
  • Auto rate processing facility to display best rates on the app.
  • E-wallet feature exclusively for Filipino expats.

LuLu Money has been recording a 40 per cent month-on-month growth in recent weeks, adding substantially to its user base of 600,000. Other than remitting money, the app allows customers to avail exciting offers, view the best exchange rates in real-time and track payment history.

The app also allows customers to block real-time rates for up to four hours and then make the payment at the branch within this stipulated timeframe. To know more, visit www.luluexchange.com.