Dexa Coin
Adnan Altaf, CEO of Dexa Coin Image Credit: Supplied

Can you tell us what Dexa Coin is all about?

We are creating the next generation social messenger platform that reinvents the way people connect, communicate and transact with one another. Social messaging platforms today are still limited to their functionality. We are going further that not only allows people to connect with one another, but also allows them to send money and cryptocurrency with each other.

Can you highlight some of the features we can expect from your platform?

  1. End to end messenger encryption
  2. Send and receive money between contacts
  3. Send and receive crypto assets between contacts (BTC, ETH, DEXA, USDT, LTC etc)
  4. High quality VoIP voice and video calls
  5. File Sharing - image/video/Giffs
  6. Create groups
  7. Secure wallet
  8. QR code technology

How fast are the transactions between users on the platform?

The transactions are instant. The best part is all Crypto Transactions are free between users as we do not charge a transaction fee. For example, John can send $1000 worth of Bitcoin to his friend who lives on the other side of the world instantly, free of charge. The user only pays a small standard fee if he/she decides to withdraw the crypto asset outside the ecosystem.

Dex Coin
Image Credit: Supplied

Who is the app designed for ?

The app is designed for everyone and not just limited to people in the crypto space. Anyone familiar with using a smartphone device should be able to operate the app with ease. We want the general public to gain access to this technology and bring blockchain to the masses. With our platform, users will be able to go beyond chatting and communication.

Blockchain technology will redefine the way we make transactions around the globe. It will also redefine the way we perceive money

- Adnan Altaf, CEO of Dexa Coin

When can we expect the app launch? Can we expect all the features in it?

The official launch of the app is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020 with a beta version ready as soon as Q3. The on boarding process will be easy. The app will have all the features shared with you. Crypto transfers will work worldwide, however money transfers are subjected to the approvals we get to operate in that country and will require mandatory KYC.