Holiday braggies. Image Credit: Getty Images

Dubai: Summer holidays tend to cost dearly, especially during  the months of July and August, when hundreds of thousands of residents fly out of Dubai for their annual vacation.

If you have procrastinated booking your holidays, it’s not too late to secure a trip without breaking the bank. A quick roundup of various airline websites would show that there are still some great deals to be had.

Flights to a number of top destinations in Europe and the Middle East cost less than Dh2,500 at one airline. If you book with a low-cost carrier, you’ll find more eye-popping deals, with economy tickets priced between Dh1,250 and Dh2,021, and business flights costing as low as Dh3,468. A return ticket for your dream trip to Prague can be had for as low as Dh2,021 on economy or Dh8,085 on business.  


Emirates Airlines have just posted special fares for travellers bound to Europe, United States, Australia, India and some parts of the Middle East, and these rates are valid for travel between July 10, 2017 and December 13, 2017. The offer is also expiring in eight days.

Return trips from Dubai to Delhi can be had for only Dh1,460. Cairo flights cost Dh1,560, while fares for trips bound to Larnaca and Munich cost less than Dh2,500.

For Johannesburg-bound flights, fares are advertised for as low as Dh2,500. For travellers to New York, Washington and Melbourne, fares cost Dh3,830, Dh3,900 and Dh4,440, respectively, still generally cheaper than peak  prices.


At flydubai, flights to Colombo, Istanbul, Bangkok and Maldives cost just a little over Dh1,000, while fares for Dubai to Prague cost Dh2,021.


At Etihad Airways, there are great deals to be had if you’re planning on a trip to Singapore, Australia, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, among others.

Flyers from Abu Dhabi can hop on a plane to Singapore for only Dh1,700. Travellers may also be tempted to avail themselves of special fares for Madrid  (Dh2,940), Melbourne (Dh4,510), London (Dh2,490), Tokyo (Dh3,450) and Washington DC (Dh4,000).

The promotional rates are valid for travel between July 4 and December 13.