Airport Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s national air carriers have reportedly recorded a huge increase in ticket prices for international destinations, going up by over 100 per cent, compared to fares charged by other carriers departing Saudi cities, local media reported.

According to a survey conducted by the Okaz newspaper, a flight to London from Jeddah will cost about SR4,143 on a national carrier between June 16 and 23, while the fare is only SR2,058 on another airline for the same route.

The survey revealed that there are three national carriers belonging to other countries transporting travelers to and from Saudi Arabia via transit to the final destination. The airfares of these carries from Jeddah to London for the same period do not exceed SR3,000.

A flight to the same destination by the national carriers of other countries will cost SR2,458, SR2,514 and SR2,993, respectively.

A Saudi carrier charges SR8,053 for a flight from Jeddah to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York, while two other airlines are only charging SR5,355 and SR5,447, respectively, including a stop-over.