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Etihad refocuses on strategy in post-Hogan era

CEO Baumgartner says Hogan’s departure was a good opportunity for airline to reflect on the future

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Dubai: Since Etihad Airways’ former chief, James Hogan, stepped down in July this year, the airline is refocusing on its operations strategy.

Asked how the post-Hogan era has been for Etihad thus far, CEO Peter Baumgartner said: “It was a good opportunity for Etihad Airways to take stock and reflect on the future in the next five years very concretely and the next 10 years in a solitary direction.”

Reflecting on the strategy, he said: “First of all, it was not an overnight departure of James Hogan. There was an introduction of a group structure already [in place] at the beginning of last year. And it was a carefully planned succession which happened earlier this year with a lot of continuity.

“So the reflection about the future has not been triggered by the departure of James Hogan but by us being at this stage of a development, where many of the planning parameters from that time and strategic decisions that had been taken have changed.”

Asked if there was a change in strategy that Etihad was bringing into place now, Baumgartner said it’s important to reflect on the current plans, and potentially rethink some part of those plans for a “successful future.”

“We have not yet announced any change in strategy. This is a process where we work through and where we will inform once we have the ultimate clarity,” he said.

Hogan’s replacement, Tony Douglas, a former chief of Abu Dhabi Airports Company, will be officially taking over the role in January 2018.