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Abu Dhabi airport to introduce 50 new sleeping pods

50 more futuristic Go Sleep pods at Abu Dhabi Airport soon

  • Pod night’s sleep: The sleeping pods at Abu Dhabi Airport are a roaring hit with passengers looking to catch fImage Credit: XPRESS/ AHMED KUTT Y
  • Revel in luxury: There are two sleeping pods at the VIP lounge as well. Installed on a trial basis, they offerImage Credit: XPRESS/ AHMED KUTT Y
  • Hi-tech: The cocoon-shaped pods have alarms that go off when it’s time for your flightImage Credit: XPRESS/ AHMED KUTT Y

Abu Dhabi: The airport in the capital will have 50 new sleeping pods to give passengers more nap-time between flights, XPRESS can reveal.

The move follows huge demand for the 10 facilities at Terminal 3.

“We will have 50 new sleeping pods by October. We installed the first 10 pods on a trial basis in May and they have become a massive hit among passengers,” Gavin McKechnie, Vice President, Commercial, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, told XPRESS.

The eight ‘Go Sleep’ pods at Gate 30 and two at the VIP lounge have caught the fancy of passengers who do not want to sleep rough while waiting for a connecting flight.

McKechnie said the pods are being used for about eight to 10 hours daily.

The Finnish-made Go Sleep features a manually operated sliding door that transforms the structure into a cocoon-shaped pod, and the seat is converted into a comfortable flat bed at the touch of a button to help passengers get ‘quiet time’ far removed from the hustle and bustle outside.

The pods also have plug points to charge laptops and cellphones.

And no need to worry about missing your flight — the pod has an alarm that awakens you when it is time for your flight.

McKechnie said the new pods will be an upgraded version with WiFi and movie streaming. The pods will also have windows with glass that can be made darker or lighter at the press of a button.

The upgraded Go Sleep will come with a price. “Now it is available free of cost. But soon passengers will be charged Dh45 an hour,” said McKechnie.

Two passengers were all praise for the pods. Ali Al Azmi and his friend Humoud Al Nuwaiem from Kuwait said every airport in the world should have these facilities. “I was travelling two weeks ago and got a good two hours sleep in the pod. This is simply great and I will pay regardless,” said Azmi, who was on transit while flying from Bangkok to Kuwait.






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