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Established in 1986, Arab & India Spices has the unique reputation of being one of the first mills in the Middle East to produce a wide varieties of pulses and spices. The journey in the last three decades has transformed it into one of the world’s most diversified manufacturers and producers of spices, pulses and condiments. As a global leader in pulses and spices industry and home to the leading flagship brand, 777, it’s not just the size that sets it apart. What makes Arab & India Spices different is its approach to business.

Arab & India Spices uses cutting-edge technology to expand and improve the quality of its products. Its large-scale primary processing facility in the UAE has 17 processing lines operating simultaneously under a massive 352,000 sq ft of high-end premises equipped with fully computerised ISO 22,000 certified production and storage facilities. The processing plants currently produce more than 15,000 million tons a month making it the second largest manufacturer or processor of pulses in the world.

Under the leadership of Harish Tahiliani, its aim has always been to exceed its customers’ expectation by focusing on innovation, quality and commitment. His unparalleled vigour and aspirations instil the same values in the company’s spirited team of 70 professionals, leading over 700 dedicated employees, who understand and satisfy the vision of its valued customers.

Arab & India Spices prides itself in having one of the largest distribution chains in the UAE. With a fleet consisting of more than 100 vehicles, it makes sure that its clients’ specific needs are accurately undertaken and efficiently executed.

Its flexible delivery options, competitive pricing, and exceptional methods towards domestic and international exports ensure smooth and highly efficient shipping process.