Traffic at Business bay to airport tunnel in Dubai. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: An additional 3,000 cars have been recalled in UAE, and this time, auto dealers have targeted certain Mercedes Benz, Honda and Kia models.

UAE residents impacted by ongoing recalls have been urged to schedule a service appointment in order to have some defective parts fixed and ensure public safety. Any repairs to be made will be free of charge for the customers.

The Ministry of Economy has an ongoing safety campaign requiring vehicle dealers to review all their products, and as of the previous Gulf News report, more than 13,000 sedans and sports utility vehicles have been called back.

This brings to a total of more than 16,000 cars included in the recall in June and July alone.

Additional recalls

Trading Enterprises Company has issued a recall of 2,325 units of 2011-2016 Honda Odyssey. According to the dealer, the second row outer seats in the subject vehicles may not latch properly to the floor.

“An unlatched second row outer seat may tip forward during braking, increasing risk of injury to occupant,” the dealer said.

Al Majid Motors Company also announced a safety recall for 2015-2019 model-year Kia Carnival over issues regarding the power sliding doors. The recall affects 826 units in the UAE, but in the United States, more than 100,000 vehicles have been called back.

There are concerns that the power sliding doors of the said vehicles may not stop moving or detect objects obstructing their way, according to reports.

Gargash Enterprises and Emirates Motor Company said they are recalling 2017-2018 C-Class Cabriolet Mercedes-Benz units in order to fix the bonding problems on the beltline trim. 

Thousands of C-Class cars worldwide are believed to have bonding problems that the rear beltline trim could separate from the vehicle.

The recall in UAE covers units bearing vehicle identification numbers (VINs) ranging between 205 F 399635 and F 660468.

Owners of Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG 2017 cars are also advised to schedule a service appointment to have their cars fixed over concerns regarding maximum speed control for when the vehicle is in reverse gear. Only four vehicles are affected.