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Social media platforms, the biggest ones among them, have the users and their attention. This can be put to use in taking up climate debates. Image Credit: Shutterstock

As one of the pressing challenges of our time, climate change has seeped into the very core of our social consciousness, sparking conversations and igniting a fervent desire for change. Amidst looming climate anxiety, there is also a great opportunity for empowerment and action, through digital platforms and events such as COP28.

Over the past decade, climate discussions have seen a significant increase, particularly among younger generations, with social media and content platforms quickly becoming an epicenter for discussions on sustainability, climate action and environmental advocacy.

In August, a Penn State-led study highlighted TikTok's impact on cultivating empathy for climate change within the farming community during the COP26 summit, using content that connected consumers with farmers, emphasizing the link between food production and climate dynamics.

Engaging content sparks conversations and fosters a sense of community around climate action. The emotional appeal of climate-related stories, statistics, and visuals resonates deeply with audiences. Digital platforms have become hubs for creative content, enabling individuals to share personal narratives, tips for sustainable living, and the impact of climate change on their lives. This engagement not only spreads awareness but also instigates collective action.

Engage the community

TikTok has emerged as a popular destination for communities to have these important conversations and raise awareness around the most important issues affecting our collective future. Harnessing the power of creativity, the TikTok community continues to raise sustainability awareness and advocacy.

Popular hashtags such as #ClimateChange, #ClimateAction, and #SustainableLiving have garnered 6.6 billion video views, 2.5 billion video views and 1.9 billion video views respectively, to date.

On TikTok, climate advocates, such as Mariam Solika from Egypt, Summer Dean, aka Climate Diva from the US and Canadian creator Hazel Thayer, bring their own unique spin in spreading awareness and action. These content creators offer actionable steps, including reducing carbon footprints, advocating for policy change, and supporting eco-friendly businesses, providing audiences with a roadmap to contribute positively to the cause.

To combat climate misinformation, TikTok launched a policy in April, removing content that denies scientific consensus on climate change. This involved a UN-collaboration to create a search feature directing users to credible climate information, already attracting over 17 million views.

Additionally, TikTok introduced a $1 million initiative with the UN and Purpose's Verified for Climate program. This brings experts from Brazil, the UAE, and Spain to help TikTok creators produce educational content, addressing climate myths and encouraging climate action within the community.

Spreading the word

As part of the global #ClimateAction campaign this year, TikTok has teamed up with Emirates Nature-WWF to launch ‘Nature Diaries’, an exclusive video series featuring eight immersive episodes combining education and adventure, aims to foster climate action and climate literacy.

By supporting initiatives such as Verified for Climate and collaborations with organizations like Emirates Nature-WWF, TikTok aims to promote climate literacy, empowering its diverse community to drive positive environmental change.

While the climate crisis is daunting, we are not powerless. Every piece of content created, every story shared, every action taken, adds up. It's about turning climate anxiety into empowerment, transforming concern into action, and using our collective voice to advocate for a greener world.