Tech vendors have an intuitive awareness of what users want. But they should go beyond and come up with timely updates and much more. Image Credit: Istock

Among the important qualities of our esteemed leaders is the dynamism of their decisions and the changes brought to work plans in proportion to sustainable development. It is necessary to learn that from them as well when it comes to all matters of our lives.

The historic move by which Apple announced a change of processors for Mac devices and setting a timeplan to do that indicates flexibility in making sensitive changes. In this case, reviewing a practice that had been ongoing for more than 10 years and adopting what is best for all parties. Mac devices are among the most for Apple. which after reviewing the products and user feedback took the step as an alternative to Intel processors.

Not all decisions taken by a manager are valid for every time and place, but the leader is the one who reviews his decisions whenever it is needed, adopts what is most beneficial, shows flexibility, and seeks to develop and improve the environment and services continuously.

Not giving enough though to skillsets

No institution can operate without employees.

Among the most important foundations for developing institutions and their services is keep a focus on employees and develop those capabilities; adopt tech across all practices, which is a matter of generating optimum returns and benefits; harness all efforts in providing a comfortable work environment that enables employees to acquire skills and creative thinking to shorten delivery of services; and adopt smart systems for all routine matters.

Also adopt remote work systems mainly because of their greater effectiveness, depending entirely on productivity and completing the tasks assigned to employees and departments. We have a good example in Dubai Police, as they have police stations without policemen! The officers and police personnel sit in the control center room in front of smart screens that connect reviewers from any point of the “smart” police station.

We can apply these steps with all institutions by activating remote work and adopting common smart systems of client service around the clock for a larger number of institutions.

Encourage feedback across teams

Some institutions have an obsession with providing the best services to customers and consider that the core of their work. But because the services are provided by one working team, you find them sticking to a single pattern and potentially lacking in some important developments, because their work plan has a different orientation. To simplify it further, there is a production line for Samsung Galaxy S phones and another for Galaxy Note.

These lines have different teams that work to provide their best, and they certainly take ideas from each other. It may be to provide a team that develops parallel services with newer or re-examined capabilities, whether in services already provided or even within offerings in the reserve services. The reason for this is to launch up-to-date updates without having to wait too long.

Mind those hackers

The mechanisms of criminals develop in the midst of technology, and you find them everywhere in endless shapes and masks. Some of them log in using accounts with no manifest error and send seemingly correct posts, then suddenly you find them begging on private messages. Others send bills, numbers, and tell stories to deceive goodhearted people.

Each of us must always be cautious about such people, report their accounts immediately, and make donations to accredited institutions in the country, as they work according to systems and rules.

Infographics enhance

One of the most beautiful modern paintings involve infographic designs, especially those enhanced with numbers in a most coordinated way. Some people come up with creative paintings of great usefulness to those who can decipher them. Therefore, it is considered one of the most desirable arts. The art of infographics is not limited to still pictures, but even in short videos that are graphic videos.

Use the tech of “progressive” web apps

Websites have now entered a new stage and they have become much more than just websites. One after the other, they are adopting the technology of “progressive web application” (PWA), which works on simple mechanisms added to the website so that it works on smartphones as if it is a dedicated app from the app store, in terms of design and features, use of the logo and launch image, storing data on the phone, and continuous updating through the web without the need to offer it on app stores.

This process saves a lot of effort and money, speeds up updates, and fixing errors. It also works efficiently on Android and iPhone devices.

Recently, the the “My Accounts Platform” adopted the technology of PWA as an alternative to the dedicated app in the App Store. It has been accepted by everyone and facilitates the addition of more services on the innovative Emirati platform.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.