Al Rawdah
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On World Poultry Day, enthusiasts, farmers, and consumers alike gather to celebrate this special day. This day serves as a reminder of the significant role poultry plays in our lives, from providing nourishment to millions worldwide to contributing to the economy and sustainability efforts.

As a market leader, Al Rawdah recognises that its operations have an impact on the community and the environment. Al Rawdah knows that it has an obligation not just to provide healthy and delicious food to its consumers, but it must also embrace sustainable and ethical business practices to ensure that its operations can benefit the society as a whole and is safe for the environment.

A major factor driving change in our poultry farm is the focus on keeping outstanding levels that adhere to international standards and also new technologies.

We, at Emirates National Food, implement and invest in the latest technology in order to keep our production clean, healthy and up to the international standards.

Chickens are raised in Al Rawdah broiler farms under controlled conditions and fed with 100 per cent natural feed. Even the drinking water for chickens is supplied from Al Rawdah Reverse Osmosis (RO) facility on site to avoid any contamination. We have achieved the main competitive advantage over the years by positioning Al Rawdah Farm as the biggest local poultry farm and manufacturing facility located in Dubai. This has made it possible for us to offer fresh, healthy and locally produced goods to consumers.

Emirates National Food plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our modern farming practices emphasise efficiency and resource management, leading to reduced environmental impact per unit of output. Additionally, initiatives such as cage-free and GMO-free, aim to improve animal welfare standards, aligning with growing consumer demand for ethically produced food.

As we celebrate Poultry Day, let us not only appreciate the delicious meals that poultry provides but also recognise the broader contributions of this industry to society. By promoting responsible practices and embracing innovation, we can ensure that future generations continue to benefit from the valuable contributions of our feathered friends.