Al Ain Farms Poultry Farm, established in 1979, is one of the largest local producers of chicken and eggs in the UAE, providing 9 million broilers and around 160 million eggs annually.

Freshness and quality are fundamental criteria for consumers, and this is why we do not use any hormones nor antibiotics in our products, which are delivered from farm to shop in 24 hours. Made in the UAE, we ensure all our products are always of the best quality and taste to serve all of the consumers across the UAE.

One of our key success factors is to continue always offering a wider range of products and greater services to consumers. In 2022, we launched a range of organic and free-range eggs, and completely changed the way we pack our chicken portions making them fresh for longer, by applying a new technology that allows the food to stay fresh for longer without any chemical preservatives. With the goal to improve the shopping experience of our consumers, we have developed a specific label for each product in our chicken parts range, which makes it much easier to see which product they are buying.

Similarly, all our egg trays have gone through a graphic restyling to make shopping easier: each egg size is now associated to a different colour for instant recognition on shelf, and we have also launched several value offers in chicken (800 g trays, 9+1 chicken boxes).

Finally, we will soon launch in the market a value-added range in whole chicken that will make everyone’s cooking more convenient. The company’s dedication to provide an unbeatable consumer happiness in chicken and eggs is the key factor driving all our efforts.