Al Jazira Poultry Farms needs no introduction to the UAE market. The poultry brand has been around for over 20 years and it is the largest egg producer of the UAE, producing the largest variety of enriched eggs. They’re known for being pioneers in introducing enriched eggs in the region. Their latest product – Super Eggs is the first in the region. Super Eggs are enriched with Folate, DHA Omega3, Lutein, Organic Selenium, Vitamin E & many other vitamins, and nutrients.

“Being an industry leader comes with great responsibility. We’re known to be the pioneers in innovation for a myriad of impactful contributions to the egg industry. From being the first ones to introduce packaging options of shrink wrapped paper trays and plastic trays made from recycled PET bottles, when eggs were still sold from baskets and packed in paper bags, to bringing nutrient enriched eggs to this region” says a spokesperson from Al Jazira Poultry Farms (AJPF).

AJPF follows the highest standards in food safety and hygiene. It is no surprise that their accreditations and certifications are the most current and exceed expectations.

“The complete trust and unfailing loyalty of our customers strengthened our commitment to deliver eggs that are produced in an environment which follows the highest standards in food safety and hygiene. Our certifications and accreditations are updated year on year to consistently maintain the unmatched quality standards that Al Jazira is known for,” says the spokesperson.


Emirates Quality Mark (GSO

1002/2014/Amd 1:2015)

Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2018)

HACCP Certified – Hazard

Analysis Critical Control Points

Halal (GSO 2055-1:2015)

Quality Management System

(ISO 9001:2015)

Occupational Health &

Safety Management System

(ISO 45001:2018)

Environmental Management

System (ISO 14001:2015)

Customer Complaint

Handling (ISO 10002:2018)

“Our vast fleet of temperature controlled vehicles and a widespread network ensures that you find your favorite Al Jazira products at all of the hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores near you. We also have a dedicated team of customer service personnel & home delivery team to cater to the growing demand of shopping online.

“Our ecommerce executives are consistently ensuring successful delivery of fresh eggs, chicken and breakfast items directly from our farm to your doorstep on a daily basis,”says the spokesperson.

“After having successfully launched Al Jazira Chicken and Super Eggs, we have introduced two new members to our family of eggs — Pasteurised Eggs and Smoked Eggs. Effectiveness of pasteurised eggs process is best when eggs are pasteurised first before the intended use. This is the reason that we do not sell pasteurised eggs in the retail stores.

“We only pasteurise eggs upon receipt of orders and deliver them asap. Cafes, restaurants, bakeries and hotels are our regular customers. Our Smoked Eggs are unique as they are smoked with wood chips for a distinct flavour profile and aroma, which is a delight for the taste buds.”

“We constantly research and explore new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are at the forefront of innovation. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every product we develop is reliable, durable, meets the highest standards of quality and meets consumer expectations.”