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Our pantry selection covers a wide range of Diwali foods, so head to Amazon before the deals run out. Image Credit: Prchi Palwe/Unsplash

Kaju katli, kesari, besan laddu and murukku - a mouthwatering platter of sweet and savoury snacks is just around the corner. Diwali or Deepawali, the Hindu festival of lights, is less than two weeks away, but preparations always begin in earnest, ahead of the five-day celebrations. This year Diwali falls on November 12, so it's time to take stock of the kitchen.

Your growing shopping list will typically include pantry essentials and vibrant decor, from oil lamps and garlands to ghee and flour. With feasts marking most days, you want to ensure a stocked cupboard, spice drawers and refrigerator. It's the only way to skip the Diwali rush on the road.

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While you're here, you might find inspiration from UAE-based families celebrating Diwali and our gift guide to help you wrap a token of appreciation for loved ones. Amazon's Diwali store is also a good place to start.

1. Best Rice Deal: India Gate Classic Basmati White Rice, 6kg

A staple for biryani and sides of jeera rice, a fragrant sack of white rice in your corner is a must. This top quality grain can only be had from India Gate, whose Classic Basmati Rice sets high standards for special occasions. It sets itself apart by its delicate aroma and smooth pearl-white grains that are extra fine and long. This class of rice has been aged for two years, so that the fluffy grains triple in length when they're cooked, increasing your serving size. You're getting a 6kg bag of pure, GMO-free rice.

2. Best Flour Deal: Nutty Yogi Gluten Free Organic Besan, 500g (Pack of 3)

Elevate homemade snacks this Diwali with gluten-free organic besan. Gram flour goes in anything, from laddu and halwa to crispy pakora, so having a gluten-free variety in the pantry can help you avoid complications with dietary restrictions. Nutty Yogi's besan is rich in protein and high in iron. With this deal, you get to stock up on three packs of 500 grams each.

3. Best Ghee Deal: 4th & Heart Himalayan Pink Salt

Toss in premium ghee here and a dollop there - that's all you need for your Diwali spread to become the talk of the town. Fourth and Heart's clarified butter is deliciously seasoned with Himalayan pink salt, which is known for improving digestion and containing more trace minerals than table salt. It's carefully whipped to replace salted butter, and is completely lactose-free, along with gluten-free and keto certified. Reviewers say that it tastes fantastic in South Indian gravies, especially with the added hint of salt.

4. Best Oil Deal: Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed

Some sweets simply taste better and healthier with coconut oil, even more so when it's cold-pressed, organic and unrefined. Viva Naturals' extra-virgin coconut oil may be the secret ingredient to your best laddu, kheer and barfi yet, and it's naturally keto-friendly and gluten-free. You can fry in it, too, since the oil has a high smoke point at 177 degrees Celsius. Over 60,000 five-star reviews attest to its exceptional quality for cooking and baking.

5. Best Tea Deal: Vahdam Chai Tea Sampler Gift Box (3 Teas)

While Indian households are never short of aromatic teas, you can always win bonus points for preparing a special pot for Diwali. Bring home a luxurious gift box, consisting of three high-quality teas, homegrown in India. Perfect for entertaining, the Vahdam set offers guests a choice of spiced ginger tea, maharani oolong tea and sweet cinnamon masala tea. All brews turn out clean, delicate, floral and sweet, note happy reviews.

6. Best Snack Deal: Nabisco Variety Pack Classic Mix, 20

If the little ones are less fond of traditional namkeen nibbles, get a snack pack of well-known varieties. There are five packets each of Oreo Mini, Ritz Cheese Bits, Mini Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter Bites in this value deal, enough to refill your spead throughout Diwali celebrations. Mums and dads in the reviews approve of the small portion sizes that encourage moderate snacking.

7. Best Dessert Deal: Nature's Charm Sweetned Condensed Coconut Milk (Pack of 2)

Desserts and sweets, such as peda, kalakand and rabdi, are all based in condensed milk, an irreplaceable ingredient that creates that signature creamy, chewy texture we all love. Nature's Charm offers two 320-gram tins of sweetened condensed coconut milk that's completely vegan, and free of dairy and soy. It's fortified with calcium, so you're not missing out on the nutritional value.

8. Best Nuts Deal: Halabi Mixed Kernels Can + Halabi Super Extra Mix

Halabi's premium, hand-picked nuts offer the best there is, from healthy savoury snacks. Kettle-roasted the traditional way, this blend of all-natural nuts is tastier and crunchier. Everyone will find something to munch on from this bundle value. You're getting a mix of peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, macadamia, pecans and hazelnuts in one can of Halabi Mix Kernels, while the Super Extra Mix tin includes roasted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and corn. A natural antioxidant in the can keeps the nuts fresh for longer, giving you and your loved ones more time to savour the flavours.

9. Best Bundle Deal: Rainbow Lite Vitamin D Evaporated Liquid Milk, (48 Tins)

Rainbow Milk is the backbone of a refreshing cup of tea. Elevate a black brew with a few splashes of this evaporated milk, fortified with vitamin D. The Lite variety contains 50 per cent less fat for a worry-free tea time with family and friends. There are a total of 48 tins in this discounted bundle to last you several gatherings past Diwali. 

10. Best Hygiene Deal: Fine Oud Scented Facial Tissues (48 Boxes)

Dress the guestroom, bathroom and common areas with scented facial tissues. Fine's oud-infused tissue boxes are the perfect companion to incense sticks around the house. Each sheet is still made from real cotton and is sterilised for germ protection, except with a touch of soothing aromatherapy. Reviewers vouch for its performance on delicate skin, and love the fragrance used. This pack has 48 individual boxes, so there's enough to go around.

11. Best Indian Snack Deal: Gits Instant Dahi Vada Mix (Pack of 2, 500g Each)

Impress the guest list with dahi vada on the table, when you have access to the Gits instant mix in the pantry. Easy to cook, the ready-made mix makes 62 vadas per pack - you get two in this value deal. No preservatives and artificial flavours or colours will affect the authentic taste of the vada, which stays true to the core ingredients, urad dal and wheat flour. Satisfy all your chaat cravings this Diwali.

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