From our curated list, get inspiration for gifts that your loved ones will appreciate and use, this Diwali. Image Credit: Shutterstock

One of the most widely celebrated holidays is nearly here. If you’re celebrating Diwali, commonly known as the Festival of Lights, you’re likely already gearing up to decorate your home, make or buy sweets, and shop for gifts for loved ones.

Tanisha Gupta, an Indian copywriter and mum of two, said the occasion holds a special place in her heart: “Every Diwali brings with it special moments and delightful surprises. The first gift I ever gave on Diwali was to my parents – a simple handmade lamp as a child.”

What is the significance of Diwali?

The five-day celebration, which begins on November 10, is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness, and is considered to be the start of the New Year in many parts of India. Apart from sharing meals, spending time with family and friends, and performing acts of dana (charity) and seva (service), people also exchange meaningful gifts to show their love and appreciation for each other.

Gifts, in particular, symbolise the giving and receiving of blessings, and are tangible wishes of love, prosperity and wellbeing.

Deepti Shankar, a Dubai-based chartered accountant, said: "I remember eagerly waiting for Diwali as a child - my relatives would bring countless boxes of sweets, dried fruits and nuts. It's a way of showing love and affection. Our dining table was always full during Diwali, and no one went home hungry."

Gupta shared her experience: “One of my most memorable and cherished Diwali moments was my twin daughters’ first Diwali in 2017. Since they were born just a couple of weeks before the festival, my parents gifted the girls a set of colourful clothes and intricate, ornate gold necklaces among so many other meaningful gifts. It was a truly heartwarming and meaningful Diwali celebration for all of us, filled with love, light and togetherness!”

By referring to some of our readers’ best Diwali experiences, along with top-rated reviews on Amazon, we’re helping you get a head start on your shopping list, with a selection of the best Diwali gifts for 2023. Head to the Diwali store on Amazon for more, and become a Prime member for free, fast delivery.

1. Best Tea: Tea Forté Herbal Tea Chest 

In a beautiful, reusable serving box, Tea Forté offers an assortment of 40 herbal teas that your gift recipient can consume at any time of day or night. The herbal tea blends in this collection are all caffeine-free, and are presented in pyramid tea bag infusers for ease of use. Select from delicious, aromatic flavours like citrus mint, hibiscus blossom and ginger lemongrass.

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2. Best Beauty Gift: Kama Ayurveda Daily Skincare Ritual Gift Box 

Tap into the ancient Indian medical system of ayurveda for skincare inspiration this year. Some of Kama Ayurveda’s most popular products can be found in this gift box – the Eladi Hydrating Face Cream, Kumkumadi Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream, Rose Water and Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser. With natural ingredients like aloe vera to prevent blemishes, olive oil for fast absorption, and pure rose and jasmine essential oils for nourished, healthy-looking skin, the products in this gift box will likely suit every skin type.

3. Best for Women: Pandadi Saree Women's Paithani Silk Saree 

Sarees in India are often works of art. Pandadi Saree’s beautiful pink design is made from Paithani silk – a 2,000-year-old traditional weave originating from Maharashtra in India, and produced from fine mulberry silk. With motifs of birds and flowers in a woven zari (a type of golden thread) design, and several complementing hues, this saree set includes fabric for both the saree and unstitched blouse. It makes for the perfect Diwali gift for elegant women in your life.

4. Best for Men: Sojanya Men’s Cotton Linen Long Kurta 

In a cotton linen blend, Sojanya’s long, checked kurta is sure to be a hit. The stylish kurta extends to the knee, and has a chic mandarin collar and full sleeves. It’s also designed to be a regular fit, so it’s comfortable for all body types. Your gift recipient can pair it with denims, pajamas or chinos and it’ll work wonderfully as their next ethnic outfit.

5. Best Sweets: Lal Sweets Mysore Pak Signature (Pack of 2) 

Diwali is incomplete without the abundance of sweets that are shared during the festival. If you’re planning on visiting loved ones, taking a box of sweets with you is expected. We suggest opting for Lal Sweets’ Mysore pak, a rich, luxurious delicacy made with just three ingredients – gram flour, ghee and sugar. While it’s a traditional South Indian sweet, it’s a classic that’s loved all over India and beyond its borders, too. Since this pack of two has a shelf life of 90 days, you don’t have to worry about storage concerns. Buy multiple boxes so you’ll be well-stocked during Diwali!

6. Best Snacks: Nutty Gritties Platinum Dry Fruits Gift Box with Candle and Greeting Card 

If you’d rather opt for a healthier gift, like Shankar usually does, pick Nutty Gritties’ Platinum Dry Fruits Gift Box. Shankar said: "Most people are always looking for a snack, and many Indian sweets and curries are made with nuts - so a gift box like this is never wasted." With 200g (each) of roasted and salted almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins, it’s a thoughtful gift that recipients will appreciate and use. The best part? The box is gift-wrapped, and comes with a candle and Diwali greeting card, making it a complete gift set.

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7. Best Serviceware: Acewood Multipurpose Roti Box 

If your loved one serves up rotis and chapatis regularly, gift them this beautiful roti box that’s handmade with organic mango wood. It has a tight-fitting brass lid to lock in freshness and keep chapatis fresh, like casseroles do, and also comes with a pair of tongs for convenient access. The beautifully designed box can be used for other items, as well, like chips, samosas, cakes and more.

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8. Best Incense Sticks: KIO Natural Incense Sticks (Pack of 3) 

Deepali Pattani, a UK-based banker, said she loved the “bougie incense sticks” she once received as a Diwali gift, which were quite different from the standard incense sticks you’d find in shops. We picked KIO’s pack of three bamboo-less incense stick sets that are 100 per cent natural. The three-pack comes with a small ceramic stand and stick holder, and the sticks can burn for up to 60 minutes. We selected the calming natural scents of sandal wood, cherry blossom and lavender, but KIO has dozens of other ingredient combinations you can choose from, based on your preference.

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9. Best Tealight Holders: Hejal Lotus Diyas (Set of 7) 

With gold accents and a vintage appeal, Hejal’s lotus diyas or lamps are beautiful little holders for tealights. Gift it to someone who’s looking for decorative lamps to place around their home, this Diwali. The diyas are made with wood and can be reused over and over again.

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10. Best Spice Box: Khushimit Pure Sheesham Wooden Spice Box 

Every Indian home likely has a box or rack of spices stored in a kitchen cabinet. You can give a traditional twist to the way spices are stored, with this Khushimit Spice Box. Pattani said she received a spice box as a Diwali gift and found it to be useful, since it could be used to store a variety of items. Made with handcrafted wood, this multipurpose utility box comes with a unique sheesham spoon, and can be used to store not just spices, but dried fruits, nuts or even small knickknacks. The box has 12 sections and can store frequently used spices for up to 15 days before it needs to be refilled.

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11. Best for Jewellery: Acewood Wooden Chest with Ceramic Drawers 

This Acewood table-top organiser is quirky, handcrafted and can be used for a variety of items, making it the perfect gift, this Diwali. Most reviewers say they use it to keep their rings and bracelets safe – the beautifully decorated ceramic drawers are embedded with anti-tarnishing velvet lining. With six compartments to organise jewellery, the wooden chest is a lovely addition to any vanity. Many have presented this gift to their teenage nieces, who love the multi-coloured design and vintage look.

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12. Best for Undecided Shoppers: Amazon.ae Gift Card 

If you can’t think of anything specific, opt for a Diwali gift card from Amazon. You can select a suitable gift amount and even include a message that your recipient will receive via email. They have the option of choosing from millions of products on the website, so you really can’t go wrong with this gift.

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