Hyundai Mobis
Hyundai Mobis Introduces MOBION and Its Core Electric Vehicle Technologies at CES 2024. Image Credit: Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis has unveiled Mobion at CES 2024, an electric car that defies expectations with its next-generation 'e-Corner System' motion technology. Witness firsthand how Mobion navigates tight spaces with lateral and diagonal movements, alongside effortless pivot turns, unlike anything seen on the road before.

"Mobion embodies the culmination of Hyundai Mobis' core technologies, all ready for mass production," says Vice President Lee Seung-Hwan, Head of Advanced Engineering. "We created Mobion to showcase our cutting-edge capabilities and shift the paradigm of future mobility."

Individual wheel control and in-wheel technology

Mobion's dynamic movements stem from its individually controlled wheels powered by the innovative e-Corner System. This system replaces the traditional single motor with four small motors inside each wheel, allowing independent propulsion and steering, the cornerstone of "In-Wheel" technology.

"This configuration unlocks unprecedented manoeuvrability," explains Lee Young-kook, Head of Electrification Lab. "Imagine gliding sideways or diagonally, conquering even the tightest parking spots with ease."

Mobis seamlessly integrates braking, steering, and suspension within the In-Wheel system, ensuring smooth and coordinated movements. This technology underwent successful on-road testing in 2023, demonstrating its real-world readiness.

Sensor and lamp technologies

Mobion's appeal goes beyond its movement. It boasts advanced autonomous driving sensor and lamp technologies. Three strategically positioned lidar sensors provide crucial data for autonomous functions, while the "Exterior Lighting" system enhances both safety and design.

Safety enhanced with light

An LED on the front bumper, informed by short-distance lidar, displays pedestrian crossing directions at intersections. Rear bumper LEDs warn drivers of pedestrians crossing left or right, preventing lane change accidents.

Ground Projection: lighting the way forward

Mobion's "Ground Projection" feature further complements its movement by illuminating its path on the ground, especially during diagonal or lateral manoeuvres. This enhances visibility and generates crosswalk stripes for detected pedestrians, prioritising their safety.

Commitment to the future

The name Mobion itself reflects Hyundai Mobis' dedication to leading the electric vehicle revolution. They demonstrate their confidence in these technologies and real-world applicability by showcasing a fully functional demonstration car. Mobion is more than just a car; it's a glimpse into a future where electric vehicles move with agility and grace, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology.