Auto review 2019 bmw m4
The BMW M4 has a 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline six-cylinder mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch auto and makes 425 horses and 550Nm of torque... Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

Do yourselves a favour and go out and buy an M4 right now. You’ll thank me. I’m seriously considering doing the same — the only little detail holding me back is the fact I am just Dh425,000 shy of the Dh425,000 asking price. Otherwise, this would be mine.

I used to have a thing for the M2 which is seriously good — but given the opportunity, I’d opt for this one. It got a bit of a nip and tuck this year with BMW retuning the suspension and improving the steering feel, adding standard LED headlights and taillights and adopting iDrive 6.0 technology with touch-screen display. In fact, I would go as far as saying this is the best-proportioned Bimmer on sale today, I love the sweeping roofline and low, wide stance. It’s ever so aggressive; it has a front end featuring a collection of large scoops and vents that look like they could suck up slower moving traffic and then spit them out of the exhausts.

The iconic twin-kidney grille is present but the best little detail is perhaps the air ducts positioned behind the front wheels — they give way to a character line which stretches all the way back to the taillights. What’s more, this is a mind-blowing performance coupe that probably has far more potential than most will ever get close to exploring — unless you have your own private autobahn in your back yard. Some have suggested that this high-performance two-door is a bit overkill and they may have a point because it sure is wasted on the street. In fact, there were times during my test drive that I felt I was insulting its sheer capabilities by keeping it under 120kph. At that speed, the sublime engine was barely even awake. The M4 needs a racetrack, not a road full the local constabulary waiting to give you a ticket for your reckless ways.

This hot-rodded version of the 4 Series combines incredible sporting capability and luxury in one handsome package. It has the typical M Division goodies including bigger brakes and more aggressive styling but at the heart of it all is a powerful twin-turbo inline six-cylinder and it’s this that’ll plant a rather large grin on your face. The 3.0-litre is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch auto and makes 425 horses and 550Nm of torque, which the rear wheels just about manage to handle...

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