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A trio of teenagers have been caught for posing on a Ferrari California and causing $6,000 worth of damage to the Italian exotic... Image Credit: fitfamelpaso / Instagram

Supercars get far more attention than your average Nissan Sunny, and although we love them more for the performance they offer rather from have them just stand out from the crowd, nobody deserves for their exotic to be damaged by teenagers for the sake of a photo – but that is exactly what happened to Richard Streep, owner of a Ferrari California, last week…

Taking snaps of these kind of cars while they are stopped at the traffic light or at car shows etc is probably ok but to climb up on the bonnet and whip out a smartphone causing $6,000 worth in damages is seriously not ok, not by a long way.

Streep’s California was vandalized by the group of teens thirsty for social media attention after he had parked the Italian supercar outside his parents' home in El Paso, Texas. He found it the next morning full of scuffs, dents, and other blemishes on the bonnet and roof.

Reports claim that Streep's family saw six to eight people gathered around the car with several on the bonnet but the teens scarpered in a green Kia Soul when they saw the homeowners.

A police report was filed and Streep also took to social media asking for help and just 24 hours later he received replies from people - with links to the Instagram profiles of the teens involved - where one of the images even showed them posing on the vehicle’s bonnet.

Police were able to trace them down and eventually got to them. The parents of one of the culprits have said they will help cover some of the repair costs.

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