Auto Tesla hatchback
Judging from this official rendering, it appears that Tesla will be building an electric hatchback at its plant in China. Image Credit: Supplied

Tesla has revealed an official rendering of what looks like a model that could likely slot in below the Model 3 and Y to become the new entry level electric vehicle offered by the Californian carmaker and it could be built in China. It currently offers four models and has plans to make a new roadster, a semi-truck, the Cybertruck and a quad bike too.

The image, circulating on social media, appears to portray an electric hatchback which could target the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and the Volkswagen ID.3.

Along with the “Made in China” Model 3, it appears that Tesla China is commencing the process of setting up a centre to create a “designed in China” electric vehicle for the global market.

A small, affordable electric vehicle - made in high volume at Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 and be exported around the world - would make a lot of business sense and it would be a welcome new addition to the Tesla fleet.

“I think this will be very exciting. I think China has some of the best art in the world, and I think it’s something that would be appreciated on a worldwide basis. I think it should be done, and we’re gonna do it,” Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO said.

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