Watch: Ken Block teaches his 13-year-old daughter how to drift!

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Watch: Ken Block teaches his 13-year-old daughter how to drift!

It’s pretty normal for most parents to give their teenage kids driving lessons – but what if your dad was Ken Block? Well, you can switch that empty parking lot for a race track for starters!

The professional rally driver and Head Hoonigan in Charge at Hoonigan Industries has been teaching his 13-year-old daughter Lia – who has already raced, podium-finished and even rolled her share of UTVs - how to drift using his custom-built 1972 Ford Escort Mk2 RS Gymkhana classic which he first started rallying in back in 2008. It has a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine that produces 355 horsepower and revs to a 9,000rpm. Being the daughter of Block clearly has its perks.

He made the trip to Utah with Lia and gave her a lesson in drifting at the Utah Motorsports Campus which has recently reopened following the coronavirus lockdown.

In the video, he gives her some instructions from the driver’s seat including how the art of slamming on the brakes of the Ford, pressing in the clutch, accelerating, and then dumping the clutch to initiate a slide. Then comes Lia’s turn and to see how she fared, hit play on the video above!

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