Incredible wood art! Toyota Land Cruiser carved out of blocks

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Incredible wood art! Toyota Land Cruiser carved out of blocks

Scale car models are a massive business, with collectors' clubs across the globe and active online communities. It is in fact an integral part of car culture. Like most collections, an enthusiast’s desire to own a rare, unique piece plays a big role in a collectible scale model’s appeal. While volume-produced die-cast models are the most accessible examples, hand-made one-offs definitely are considered more collectible.

Even one-off scale models can’t get more unique and beautiful than some of the hand-carved wooden models being made by this sculptor who showcases his art on the Youtube channel Woodworking Art.

While the artist has shared videos of several different scale models he has carved out of wood, including a Bugatti Chiron, this Toyota Land Cruiser V8 with its intricate detail and fully functional doors and tailgate is our favourite.

Watch the video above to see for yourself how incredibly talented this guy is to carve out such amazingly well-proportioned models using basic carpentry tools.

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