Businessman Gabriel Nicolaev is launching his own virtual cryptocurrency CyCOIN. Here's everything you need to know about the crypto, launching September 14-15 in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Gabriel Nicolaev, one the most successful businessman in the world, is launching his own virtual cryptocurrency, at an international level, together with the best blockchain developers in the world.

Here's everything you need to know about CyCOIN, the safest cryptocurrency in the world, launching September 14-15 in Dubai.

CyCOIN uses artificial intelligence and will conquer the world by 2030.

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We are by all accounts living in an era where decentralized finance seems more and more like the best investment, saving and transaction solution for everyone who wants financial independence, security and the elimination of bureaucracy and long waiting times. Even in Romania, in 2022, 4 out of 10 people own cryptocurrencies, and also public institutions want to digitize citizens' public documents on a secure blockchain system.

With this, Gabriel Nicolaev and his team delights us, who are preparing the official launch of CyCOIN, in Dubai, on September 14-15, one of the greatest integrated blockchain solutions, focused more than any other on security, artificial intelligence and a whole network of innovative blockchain projects that will rapidly raise the number of transactions and the value of the coin.

Why CyCOIN and not other blockchain systems?

CyCOIN is more than a cryptocurrency, it is a blockchain network that processes transactions 100 times faster than Ethereum and 6000 times faster than Bitcoin. Also, the transaction fees are 666 times lower than Ethereum and 30 times lower than Bitcoin.

CyCOIN runs on its own blockchain system, focused on artificial intelligence, that overcomes the typical shortcomings of conventional crypto and blockchain networks. Platforms focused on machine learning help you have some procedures that can more easily predict potential problems. CyCOIN’s artificial intelligence assisted Blockchain drastically reduces the time associated with mining and processing encrypted information by verifying multiple transactions simultaneously.

This helps to significantly reduce processing time and power consumption if the network goes into protection due to external tampering, but also helps to run multitasking systems.

It is also worh to note that CyCOIN is designed to offer a benefit to the first investors who will adopt it. So far, CyCOIN founders have not allowed anyone to mine or mint new coins and ensure that no one, not even themselves, can mint new coins in the future. This is to protect the interests of those who will adopt the coin in the first wave and guarantee them that they will fully enjoy the growth of CyCOIN without the risks presented by mining or minting.

How safe is it?

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CyCOIN's blockchain technology is more secure than others, because it uses a PoA (Proof of Authority) algorithm, whereby each transaction and block will be validated before the specialized accounts called "validators".

Because authorized validators enjoy a certain visibility in the network, everyone can watch and follow their actions and ensure through this transparency that there is no chance of fraud. Their digital reputation is as important as their real one, everything they do remains written in the blockchain.

The greatest network of projects built around a cryptocurrency

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In addition to all of the above, CyCOIN is not only thought of as a coin simply thrown into the business world, but instead it will be accompanied by 18 projects that use it exclusively for transactions, on which a team of over 100 programmers is working. Each project is in turn an innovative one that will bring important changes in various financial and industrial sectors, while both supporting and sustaining itself through the use of CyCOIN.

1. CySwap will be a public entity that will operate as a crypto trading protocol exchange market. It is safe, fast and convenient for anyone looking to diversify their business portfolios and will bring liquidity to the network, in order to help support CyCOIN.

2. CyExplorer is a platform that will scan, index and list all tokens created on the CyCOIN blockchain. It basically gives you a platform through which you can access everything you need related to your investment, on which you can start a business. It will simultaneously increase the value of CyCOIN by increasing transactions.

3. CyCOIN Exchange will use the artificial intelligence behind CyCOIN to guarantee one of the most secure exchanges on the market, which will avoid problems that are specific to other similar networks such as network congestion, lack of security or transparency, and scalability. Because it uses a PoA (Proof of Authority) protocol, a fixed block propagation time will be used on the CyCoin network, so transactions from one electronic wallet to another will be very fast. And when you think that on the exchange platform you will be able to find more than 6000 cryptocurrencies from around the world and that it also has the lowest fees and commissions, it is quite clear that it will be revolutionary on the exchange markets.

4. CyPay is a money transfer service built on the CyCOIN network that will allow you to quickly send money to relatives and friends at a lower cost than typical money transfer networks. CyPay will have instant transactions, compared to the time of 1-4 days that it takes for similar services. It guarantees anonymity and removes limits on the number of transactions. It also remains at a commission of less than 1%, compared to other financial transfer services that also perceive a fixed fee, and 5% of the transferred amount.

5. CyChat is a global chat application where all your interactions, messages and transferred files will be encrypted and decentralized before they are sent to another user. It will basically use the increased security of the CyCOIN network to guarantee that no one is spying on your messages, which is more than useful in an era where even the most secure chat networks like Telegram and Signal don't seem so infallible anymore. And it guarantees that any discussion will be private, whether it's a message between two individuals or a group chat.

6. CyBusiness will be a social network, but also a real-time news platform, where CyCOIN holders and supporters benefit from the most advanced features. It's a place where you'll find business opportunities, access to the most profitable investments around the world and much more. Over time, the platform will evolve to investments in hotels, restaurants and shops dedicated to CyCOIN holders and other business entities that want to reach number 1 in the world. Basically, it is a mix of services that will bring opportunities to your doorstep.

7. CyFashion is a brand focused on delicate, anti-allergic textiles, which is intended to be worn in everyday life. Compared to other fashion brands, it comes with its own social network with an integrated NFT system, in which fashion collections from luxury brands will be engaged. Because it is also built on the CyCOIN blockchain, it will guarantee you a quick visualization of the collections, but also a greater clarity of the distribution of clothes optimized by artificial intelligence.

8. CyDubai is both an information and real estate investment platform in Dubai built on the CyCOIN network. It will start the construction of 6 Crypto towers in Dubai, based on smart home and artificial intelligence.

9. CyCOIN Gold Market is designed for today's era where inflation shrinks the value of the money in our account if we don't invest it. It's a project that guarantees you easy transfer from CyCOIN to gold coins or other luxury gold products, from watches to rings.

10. CyCOIN Marketplace is a platform where you can buy almost anything, from phones to laptops, cars and yachts. And because it is a network primarily concerned with security, all listings will be rigorously verified by prestigious companies focused on KYC (know your consumer) and AML (anti-money laundering) policies.

11. CyRabian is a perfume, fashion and jewelry brand in Dubai that will only accept payments in CyCOIN. It is one of the luxury brands of the future that people can invest in to get profit through the blockchain system.

12. CyDrogen is the first drink in the world that contains monatomic gold and is traded through cryptocurrencies. It focuses on the medical benefits of monoatomic gold, that lead to stress reduction, rejuvenation and better brain function. It will be promoted by VIP influencers and lead to the increase in the number of transactions through the CyCOIN blockchain.

13. CySmoke is the first electronic "cigarette" that has no negative impact on health and does not produce smoke or toxic substances in the air. It won't affect the health of those around you either. This device is based on a formula containing Chinese herbs.

14. CyPhone is the first smartphone designed on blockchain technology with integrated crypto applications. It also comes with specific hardware and artificial intelligence that guarantees the security of calls and breaks the monopoly of current data providers on your information.

15. CyNavigator is a car navigator system that provides you the security of the CyCOIN blockchain in the back of all your routes, only you know the destination and any problems on the road are recorded in the Blockchain in real time. As a plus, it also recommends the best places where you can pay with your favorite cryptocurrency.

16. Medicinaverse uses the latest blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, as well as virtual and augmented reality to help people diagnose their health problems and find suitable treatments.

17. CyCOIN PR is a team specialized in blockchain marketing that adapts to the increasingly rapid changes in the field and promotes projects in the sphere of decentralized finance, NFT or crypto. The team already has eight years of experience and over 6,000 successfully implemented campaigns.

18. CyCOIN Academy offers courses and certifications in order to learn everything you need about blockchain and investing in the crypto market through 40-hour courses in English that provide you with all the resources you need.

What's the offer?

The official launch is on September 14-15, when the Metavsummit by Cycoin event will take place, at Address Boulevard, one of the most exclusive locations in Dubai, where Gabriel Nicolaev and his team will be present. To register for the event as well as for private sales, you can write to

If you invest in CyCOIN now, during the prelaunch phase, you can buy one coin for $6.66, while the exchange listing will be at a much higher price and the estimated target value for it after two years is $600. They will also initiate affiliate schemes whereby those who bring new users to the CyCOIN network will also receive tokens. Plus airdrops, bounties and other cool campaigns through which you can become one of the first users of the cryptocurrency that has every chance of becoming the most popular in the world in 2030.

There are 66 million coins in total, but only 3 million will be sold during the first phase, so you better be an early adopter if you want to catch this train to the future before it leaves the station.

For more information read their whitepaper and visit their website to see what the cryptocurrency that will be the most popular in the world in 2030 looks like.