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Masterstrokes: A yogi’s canvas calling

Meet the artist in yoga guru Dr Bharat Thakur ahead of his first international solo showcase of artworks in Dubai

  • Dr Bharat Thakur says he is a floor artist who paints with his fingersImage Credit: Supplied
  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • One of Dr Bharat Thakur's paintingsImage Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As Dr Bharat Thakur readies for his first international solo showcase of his extensive works of art, you cannot help wonder when the yoga guru, who has thousands of followers around the world, finds time for a canvas calling.

“I have always been an artist,” he says, reminding you that the “artistic yoga” he has come to be identified with is also rooted in the arts.

Speaking to XPRESS ahead of the exhibition at the Gallery of Light, Ductac, in Dubai from July 20 to 26, the Himalayan master, as Dr Thakur is often referred to, lets on that he has done over 300 works of art. They include everything from experimentation art to figuratives, pop-ups and abstracts.

While the genres may be common enough, he claims he has his own distinct style.

“I am a floor artist and do not use a paintbrush, palette or easel. I use my fingers and feel like I have 10 brushes, not one, at a time. When one is on the floor, the body 90 degrees to the ground, the perspective can be very different.”

Add to this the fact that Dr Thakur has been a yogi since he was four and there’s a deeper meaning to his works. “My art is very thought-through. I have been practising yoga for the past 41 years, so there has been a lot of inward travel,” he says.

The exhibition’s title - Between Crest and Trough: Breathing Silence – resonates with the profound journey. “Art allows me to rediscover myself and art is the path to sainthood,” says Dr Thakur.

He recalls how he has been actively painting since he was 17 but has never stopped learning and honing his skill. “Earlier I used to do figuratives. I wanted to do abstract art but realised it needs a lot of maturity. So I spent the next 12 to 13 years learning the art, meeting abstract artists and visiting museums.”Besides the inner depths of his knowledge and experience, Dr Thakur also draws inspiration from many other sources. The artworks also reflect a wide range of emotions and expressions, with each piece supported by poetry penned by Dr Thakur himself.

While the prices of his works at the upcoming exhibition remain to be seen, his works in India have sold for between Rs600,000 (Dh34,000) to Rs5,000,000 (Dh285,000).

The opening night is for invitees only. Among those expected are Yasser Al Gergawi, director of cultural events at the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, several other dignitaries and celebrities.

What: “Between Crest and Trough: Breathing Silence”

When: July 20-26

Where: Gallery of Light – DUCTAC - Mall of the Emirates


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