Gulab Jamun pizza
The Gulab Jamun pizza Image Credit: Twitter

So there’s salty and there’s sweet, but for one so-called treat that has ruffled a whole lot of feathers, there’s a combination of both. It’s called the gulab jamun pizza.

Here’s how it came to be: Someone thought it was a good idea to take a few gulab jamuns (a sweet made using milk, flour and oh-so-much sugary syrup), chop them up and use as pizza toppings.

This sore-point for many pizza and sweet lovers comes with a splattering of nuts and a gentle garnish of rose petals.

When the photo appeared on a Facebook page, slowly it began to circulate and then it began to go viral. Why, wondered some, would anyone mix the two genres of food? You could consider the meshing of other salt-sweet samplings that work – for some this means a dose of caramel popcorn beside the usual salted, buttery fare. Or the odd-but-somehow-works options like the ramen burger. But then, some could also argue that these are acquired tastes.

It caused one Twitter to consider another - unusual-if-it-ever-got-made - dish, the rasgula pasta. 

But while it joined the ranks of the chocolate dosa and Maggi-milk combo; polarising verdicts; there was also middle ground to be found in curiosity. Some said they would reserve judgement until a taste of the doughy sweet could be had.