20211108 billboard ad
The billboard intended to win the affections of Blackpink's Jennie Image Credit: Facebook/Christian Albert Gaza

Seoul: A Filipino businessman and social media influencer has put a billboard ad in Seoul to ask BLACKPINK Jennie for a dinner.

Recently, a billboard ad has been put on the roof of a building in Seobinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, asking Jenny for a dinner date by businessman Christian Albert Gaza.

The advertisement contains a picture of Albert dressed in a suit and reads, "Kim Jennie Ruby Jane, Can I take you out to dinner and make me the happiest man alive?" in Korean and English.

Regarding the ad, Albert said on his SNS on the 31st of last month, "I didn't have any other way to contact Jennie, so I posted the billboard ad in the centre of Korea, a few kilometres away from YG Entertainment (Jennie's agency)."

"I sent 1.5 million Philippine pesos (about 35 million won) to post ad asking Jennie for a dinner," he said on the 1st. "It's happier than making money. True happiness is more than money."

He also said on the 4th, "My original plan was to buy Jennie a house and land in Korea," adding, "Unfortunately, on the 13th of last month, I found that Jennie no longer receives gifts from huge fans like me on her website."