Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: An Egyptian woman has filed for divorce against her husband after nine months of marriage because her husband had thrown a birthday party for a divorced co-worker, local media reported.

“My husband has never thrown a birthday party for me, but when it involved his divorcée co-worker at work, everything changed,” the wife told the family court judge.

She said that despite the fact that they have been married for nine months after a seven-year love story, her husband has been visiting his divorced co-worker on a regular basis and has refused to explain why.

“My spouse's behaviour has changed from the first month of our marriage. When I complained to him about how bored I felt while still a bride because he spent so much time with his friends, he requested me to spend more time with my family because he works all day and has a right to meet his friends. To make matters worse, when my birthday came around, I begged him to spend it with me as he promised before marriage, but he declined, claiming he does not enjoy birthdays,” the woman said.

“Two months after our marriage, I found out from our friends that he was visiting his divorced friend, and when I confronted him, he did not deny it, and I therefore left the house. Friends of mine informed me that he was having an extramarital affair with her, so when he tried to make up with me, I insisted that he cease their relationship before returning, but he refused. I was shocked to see him celebrating his divorced co-worker’s birthday alongside her in some Facebook images,” the woman said.

“I was surprised to learn that he was the one who planned the birthday celebration after asking many acquaintances about it. I argued with him, and as a result, I filed for divorce,” she added.