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The Palestinian couple had landed in Egypt just 20 days earlier. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A woman killed her husband with the help of her lover in Giza, local media reported. The Palestinian couple had landed in Egypt just 20 days earlier.

According to Al Watan Al Masri newspaper, the wife had known her Egyptian lover through Facebook, and the latter asked her to come to the country to meet.

The woman convinced her husband to visit Egypt and he agreed and rented an apartment close to her lover’s residence.

The lovers met without the knowdlege of the husband and their relationship developed. They eventually plotted to get rid of the husband so that they can marry.

They lured the husband somewhere far away, and the lover hit him with a hard wooden object on the head, which caused him to fall unconscious and die on spot. The perpetrators got rid of the victim’s body by throwing it in an agricultural drain.

The two culprits were arrested after the case came to light and they admitted to committing the crime in the hope that they can get married.