A picture from the video grab.

Dubai: Enraged relatives of an Egyptian patient brutally beat a pregnant nurse, which led her to have a miscarriage, local media reported.

The General Nursing Syndicate in Egypt denounced the attack at Quesna Central Hospital by a person, who claimed to be a pilot officer, and his accomplice.

According to the union, the officer assaulted many nurses in the hospital, injuring five and causing one of them to miscarry. Three more female workers were also injured in the incident.

The union called on the concerned authorities to investigate the incident, adding that the syndicate sent a message to the defence minister to take urgent legal measures against the culprits.

Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdul Ghaffar ordered authorities to take necessary measures to restore nursing rights and protect health workers on duty.

The attack began when a person claiming to be a pilot officer accompanied by his brother and some women arrived at the Quesna Central Hospital emergency room.

It was free for all

They were accompanying a woman suffering from bleeding. All the gynecologists were busy with other surgeries.

When the nurse informed the doctor of the case, he asked her to perform an ultrasound and some tests until the completion of the surgeries.

The alleged pilot accompanying the woman refused and demanded an urgent medical check, and began to insult the hospital staff.

At the same time, the nursing staff accompanied the patient and placed her in an emergency bed to conduct the ultrasound and the required analyses.

According to the testimonies of nurses at the hospital, the women began threatening the hospital’s nursing staff and started to beat them up. And then it was free for all with women beating up the staff, a video clip shows. Shoes and sticks were used, too. Some nurses hit them back.

After that, two men entered the women’s ward and beat all the nurses present in the ward.