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Zein Al Abideen died due to a medical error related to anesthesia . Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: A 9-year-old Syrian child has died during a tooth extraction procedure at a medical clinic prompting the two doctors treating him to flee Damascus.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, as medical errors resulting in fatalities have become increasingly common.

The child identified as Zein Al Abideen died due to a medical error related to anesthesia while undergoing the tooth extraction.

Zein was having surgery to address delayed baby tooth loss. His father, Ahmad Ebrahim, recounted that the anesthesiologist informed him that Zein had briefly opened his eyes during the procedure, so he administered a second needle.

Later, Ebrahim discovered the anesthesiologist attempting to resuscitate Zein, who was unresponsive and had a dangerously low oxygen level. It took 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, during which time Zein’s oxygen level continued to drop. Despite efforts to revive him at the hospital, Zein suffered neurological damage and ultimately passed away.

Ebrahim has filed a lawsuit against the medical centre and the two responsible doctors, who have since gone into hiding. The clinic has been temporarily closed, and the search for the doctors is ongoing.