molotov cocktail
The 20-year-old man seriously wounded his father by throwing a Molotov cocktail at him. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: An Egyptian man narrowly survived after being set on fire by his son for refusing to buy him a cellphone, local media reported.

The 64-year-old victim is said to have been taken to hospital by his neighbours after sustaining serious injuries (second and third degree burns to the face and body) caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown at him by his 20-year-old son.

The shocking incident took place in Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt.

Soon after being alerted, Dakahlia police launched an investigation into the attempted murder. The father said: “My son works as a taxi driver; the taxi belongs to me and for that I give him salary and already bought him a mobile phone. However, I was surprised when he asked me to buy him a new mobile or to give him EGP6,000 ($380) to get one. I refused.

“He threatened that he will set me on fire if I don’t give him the money but I didn't take his threats seriously. However, on the day of the incident, he came back home and knocked the door of our apartment. When I opened the door, he threw a burning Molotov cocktail at me and fled. I was leterally on firein my clothes and body catching fire. Luckily my neighbours came on time and took me to a nearby hospital”.

Accordingly, Dakahlia police arrested the son, who admitted to committing the crime because his father refused to buy him a mobile phone. He was referred to the public prosecution for further legal action.