Dr. Radi Jaraei Image Credit: Nasouh Nazzal/Gulf News

Ramallah: The Popular Movement, which advocates a single democratic state for Israelis and Palestinians in historic Palestine, has held its first meeting at Al Beirah Municipality and has sent an official letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas informing him of the launch.

The group is seeking a permit to operate, if it is necessary, and wrote to Abbas that the group’s functions and activities had already started in the Palestinian territories, the 1948 areas and abroad.

According to Dr Radi Jaraei, the movement’s spokesman, said if there is no response from the president within two months, it will mean automatic authorisation. “We have been informed by official legal experts that such a popular movement does not need an official permit in the first place,” he told Gulf News.

Committees have already been set up to work in the various Palestinian governorates. “Every Palestinian city will have its local committee to spread the idea and gain public support,” he said. “Paper and electronic membership applications are available for new members.”

“This is a popular movement which is planned to gain tremendous public support with the aim of creating political power which sends a clear message to the entire world,” he said.

Dr Jaraei said the founding committee of the movement will hold a key meeting with Jaffa and Haifa groups which support the movement in order to coordinate future work. It has also commissioned a committee to connect with the Palestinian refugee camps in the Palestinian diaspora.