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Saad Mohammad writes as he sits on the floor of his studio. Image Credit: Reuters file

Dubai: Egyptian calligrapher Saad Hashish, renowned for penning the world’s largest handwritten Quran, died at the age of 65 in his home village of Balqina in the Egyptian district of Mahalla Center, Gharbia Governorate.

Hashish succumbed to cancer on Monday, with his funeral held after evening prayers at the village mosque.

Despite dropping out of school after 5th grade, Hashish was a self-taught and accomplished calligrapher, dedicated to mastering the art of Arabic calligraphy.

With great skill and finesse, he handwrote the Quran five times over his lifetime.

Hashish’s most distinguished achievement is the creation of the world’s largest handwritten Quran, spanning an impressive 1,100 meters.

In addition to this monumental piece, he also crafted a 700-meter-long version of the Quran, a project that engaged him for over three consecutive years and incurred a personal expense of 25,000 Egyptian pounds.

As news of Hashish’s death spread, residents of his locality expressed profound sorrow and grief for the loss of an individual who not only contributed significantly to the preservation and celebration of Islamic art and culture but also brought international recognition to his community.