‏Colonel Nader Bayrami
‏Colonel Nader Bayrami Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: A senior Iranian official at the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence has been killed in Kermanshah province by angry rioters, the IRNA news agency reported.

‏Colonel Nader Bayrami, head of the IRGC intelligence, was assassinated in the city of Sahneh in Kermanshah province by rioters.

‏Iran is currently witnessing a wave of fresh protests that erupted on Friday as the regime cut off internet access to multiple cities across the country, Iranian media reported.

‏The protests were reportedly sparked by the funerals of Iranian children killed by security forces, and they appeared to be gaining in intensity as Iran's rulers face their most significant challenge in decades.

‏Dozens of people attended the funeral of 9-year-old Kian Pirfalak in the city of Izeh. Video posted online shows Pirfalak's mother telling people at the ceremony that her son was shot by security forces on Wednesday. Iranian officials say Pirfalak was killed in a "terrorist" attack.