Arrest, generic
Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian man has set the new apartment of his ex-wife on fire one day before her wedding to take revenge on her for marrying someone else, local media reported.

The suspect, who was later arrested, confessed that he wanted to take revenge on his ex-wife for leaving him five years ago totally shattered. He told interrogators that his ex-wife, who is also his cousin, sought a Khula divorce, with the help of her family who talked their daughter into divorcing him following a family dispute.

On the day of the incident, a violent brawl erupted between the families of the suspect and his former wife in the village of Abu Tesht, north Qena Governorate, leaving four people injured.

The suspect then went to the new apartment and set it on fire, which was later put out by firefighters. He was arrested and referred to public prosecution.