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Egyptian TikTok star Yasmine Abdul Razek. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A TikTok star has been detained in Egypt over indecent content, a month after other influencers were convicted of human trafficking and given long jail terms, local media reported.

Yasmine Abdul Razek, named through the video-sharing application as “The Ho Hos” after the small, cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled chocolate snack cakes with a pinwheel design based on the Swiss roll, was accused of moral code breach through publishing sexually explicit content.

Police said Abdul Razek’s partner Osama was also arrested, after Egyptian lawyer Ashraf Farhat, the founder of the campaign to cleanse the society, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Abdel Razek, demanding her arrest and urgent trial.

The duo were identified and caught in an apartment in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, police said.

“Sexually explicit videos of the accused, circulated on the short video app, were seized,” police said.

Abdel Razek, born in the Al Ajami district of Hannoville in Alexandria, has been divorced and has two children, and she had an affair with Osama,30, who appears with her in the disturbing videos.

Abdel Razeq was also accused of promoting racial discrimination against citizens in southern Egypt and issuing a religious fatwa (edict) without knowledge or permission, police said.

Last month, two Tik Tok influencers were jailed after they wer convicted of human trafficking.

Haneen Hossam, 20, was sentenced in absentia to 10 years in jail and a fine of 200,000 pounds, while Mawada El Adham, 22, was handed a six-year jail term and fined 200,000 pounds.

They were convicted for encouraging young women to broadcast indecent videos and share footage on the video-sharing app in exchange for money.

They were arrested last year and later handed out a two year-sentence each for violating the values and principles of the Egyptian family and inciting debauchery.

Human rights activists say Tik Tokers have been prosecuted as part of a crackdown by Egyptian authorities targeting women social media influencers on charges that violate their rights to privacy, freedom of expression, non-discrimination and bodily autonomy.