Cairo: A set of 4,400-year-old artefacts have been unearthed under a temple in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan, an official statement said on Monday.

According to the country’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, skeletons and burial items were unearthed under the Edfu temple, located 90km north of Aswan, during restoration work.

“The discovery was made during the restoration work of the temple’s foundation, which involves reducing its groundwater level,” Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Al Damaty said on Monday.

The jars date back to ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom era (2680BC-2180BC) and the Late Period (665BC-330BC)

“A significant number of burials, human bones and an Old Kingdom copper mirror are among the findings,” the minister added.

Dedicated to the ancient Egyptian God Horus, Edfu temple dates back to the Greco-Roman era (330BC-395AD).