Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash Image Credit: Gulf News Report

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates, a key ally of Yemen’s government in a Saudi-led coalition fighting Al Houthi rebels, on Thursday welcomed a UN-brokered ceasefire for the battleground port city of Hodeida and touted it as a victory.

“We welcome the (truce) accord reached in Sweden,” UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Twitter.

He said the agreement came as a result of the military pressure by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and Yemeni forces on Al Houthi militias in Hodeida.

“Encouraging news today from Sweden. Important political progress made including the status of Hodeida. The Coalition and Yemeni forces military pressure enabled this significant breakthrough. The diplomatic progress was made possible by sustained military pressure against the Houthis along the Red Sea and around Hodeida.

“The diplomatic progress was made possible by sustained military pressure against the Al Houthis along the Red Sea and around Hodeida,” Gargash said.

UN chief Antonio Guterres, announcing the ceasefire, said the United Nations would play a “leading role” at the port.

“We have a deep appreciation of (Special UN Envoy) Martin Griffiths for his efforts & perseverance & to the UN commitment to peace and to the people of Yemen,” Gargash tweeted.

He underlined the importance of commitment to the political approach and efforts led by the United Nations, and the need to press ahead with these efforts to ensure stability and prosperity in Yemen.

“Sustainable political solution and inter-Yemeni dialogue based on three references, chiefly UN resolution 2216 are the only way to restore security and stability in Yemen,” Gargash said.

“We reitterate our sincere appreciation to the 5,000 Emirati soldiers along with Yemeni forces who were ready to liberate the port. Their bravery and commitment made the diplomatic progress possible,” he said.

“The Coalition has held its commitment to maintain the flow of humanitarian assistance and to avoid damaging the port.”